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We are a group of people dedicated to helping anyone and everyone learn about American Culture, Society and politics. We take pride in providing the latest information that we can and giving all the information that we can.  You can join our site on our Member link to get access to all training and other things. We offer an email newsletter you can also sign up for.

We discuss the biggest issues going on in today’s American society – obesity, national debt, student loan debt, the opioid crisis, government issues, the health care industry, and more. We want to explore the ways that American society has improved the world, and the ways that it could be improved. We’ll explore the problems that Americans are facing, and how those problems might be solved. We also discuss what might happen in the future for America and how we can prepare for changes in technology, such as artificial intelligence, new transportation such as Hyperloop and self-driving cars, changing industries, less stable career paths, virtual reality, genetic engineering, and more.

For some, reading this blog can be an enlightening experience, coming from a place with a very different culture from America. For others who are already familiar with American culture, it can still be enlightening to realize, from a big picture perspective, what is really going on with our society, our government, our national health, our technology, and the history of our nation itself.

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