Alcoholism and Its Hold on American Society and Culture

One of the most devious public health threats that harm American society for decades is alcoholism. This is due to the fact that sadly, alcohol is ingrained in nearly every aspect of an American’s life. It is there in the culture of the country—we use the beverage to celebrate special events and holidays. We drink to entertain ourselves; we drink to have fun and unwind. We drink to relieve stress and loneliness.

Hence it’s not a shock that the United States has serious issues with alcohol-related violence, drunk driving, health issues, work incidents and vice versa. Whether we like it or not, alcohol is a part of Americana and so are the issues that come along with the beverage.

Alcohol-Related Problems

Of the problems that come with alcohol, the most serious threat would have to be drunk driving. Drunk driving in the country is widespread; it is not only ordinary citizens who are involved with it. There are lots of celebrities who are often arrested due to drunk driving. It is not inclusive of people old enough to drink as well—teens and young adults get into accidents because of drunk driving.

Over 10,000 individuals die from vehicular accidents involving alcohol. This predicament carries on despite the huge effort made by public health officials and law enforcement to prevent drunk driving by means of stricter laws and education. Drunk driving is also possibly bigger than current information could support these days due to the fact that lots of individuals who have been arrested for this behavior confessed that they had undergone such behaviors a good number of times before being convicted.

Another problem that is related to alcohol use is domestic violence. In spite of the fact that lots of experts deem that alcohol use does not indirectly make individuals to turn hostile and take part in domestic violence, there are still reports made and individuals convicted due to such behaviors.

Even though alcohol can be a causal factor, it is challenging to establish if alcohol is the exact reason for a person’s violent behavior since the majority of alcoholics are inebriated for most of their waking hours. This makes the distinction of actions just about unfeasible. Majority of domestic violence victims though admit that alcohol is a determining factor in assaults done against them.

Alcoholism is one of the deadliest and most destructive diseases in the US today. More than 17 million adults in the country suffer from this particular disease. Among these people suffering from alcoholism, drunk driving and other accidents typically happen. However, even more usual are illnesses related to alcohol dependency. These conditions include diabetes, kidney diseases, cirrhosis, arterial sclerosis, gout and pulmonary conditions. These diseases can still be cured however with lengthy, serious alcoholism; this can lead to permanent health issues.

Alcoholism is also the cause of much criminal activities from sports-related aggression, vandalism, brawls and sexual assault. There are plenty of police reports and records wherein alcohol was supposed to be the main factor in why such incidents happened.

If you have a family member or a friend who is suffering from alcoholism, you should get help SAP. You should allow an affected loved to undergo a therapy session or an intervention. Whatever method you settle on, the lives of people you want saved could prevent them from getting in too deep in their troubled condition.    


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