American Society and Culture Today

Americans today are more interested in social issues. This is, in fact, a good thing. Many citizens are more vocal about it, and they have advocacies hey are passionate about. American society has changed, and these changes were brought on by several factors. Here are some of the issues today and solutions that will have a positive effect on current American society.


Popularly known as the boob tube and the idiot box, television has a wide reach and to this day, remains to be the country’s favorite medium of entertainment. In the morning, late at night, citizens of the country gather in front of their TV sets to watch their favorite shows. Because of the prevalence of advanced technology, Americans also get to enjoy TV shows online by way of smart technologies.


Alcoholism is a prevailing problem among the citizens of the nation. Whether young or old, man, woman or gay, alcoholism can have a serious, damaging effect on your loved ones. You can read about more information about the disease on one of the articles.

Single Parenthood

Back then, single parents were considered to be a burden in society. However, opinions do change, and these days single parents are taken in by society at this time. Single parents do have rights to overcome their situation and with some help and understanding, become productive members of the society.

Accelerated Aging

Why age fast when you can slow it down? America is a country that unfortunately promotes accelerated aging. There is an unneeded appeal to promote unhealthy eating habits, drinking excessive alcohol, smoking, and other societal ills. You can avoid such pitfalls by taking proper steps to overcome premature aging.


These days, men and women are plagued with that FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling. Is the need to be hip with the trends really a necessity? Will this desire for new stuff bring us happiness in the long run? Are advertisements and commercials making us unhappy? Consumerism might be a bit tough to solve on this age of too much stuff, but it can happen.


Divorce can solve an unhappy marriage but what about its overall effects on the American family? Are children really at risk? Can children become happy after a divorce? Chances are they can overcome such feelings.

Anorexia Nervosa

Women have a complicated relationship with food. Currently, we are bombarded with images of women with delicious bodies and the ready abundance of delicious food. This often leads to confusing perceptions about weight, eating and young women’s perceptions about their bodies. The talk of anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders should not be made a taboo but should be discussed and replaced with more positive and healthier discussions on food, loving yourself and staying fit.

Women and Self-Defense

Women are often tagged as the weaker sex, and one serious solution to protect body and possessions is through self-defense. Women who are more than ready to tackle such criminal elements have better control of their lives and can even save not only their existence but others as well.


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