Anorexia and Young Women in American Society

These days, anorexia is a hot topic among teens and young women in the US. Anorexia nervosa is a constant problem among teenage girls and college-age women. This is a psychiatric condition which happens to a good number of young women, and there are discussions as to what aspects trigger this condition to progress massively in American society.

The Beauty Ideal

One of the culprits often blamed in the spread of the disease is the media. Young girls are overwhelmed with images of thin models in magazine spreads, commercials, ads, movies and TV shows. These girls want to look like these women, and so they take dangerous steps to look like them.

Even though the media is partly to blame for this predicament, we do need to tackle the fact that the food contradictions in these times are not like before. Nowadays, the US is a country that praises thinness, being fit and toned. In this country, food is more abundant than ever. This contradiction more often than not leads to problems. Food is not only widely accessible, but they are also tempting, rich in calories and often low in terms of nutrients.

Beauty standards are higher at this time, yet the country is swamped with these rich foods. This, in turn, brings about struggles and a republic that is preoccupied and fanatical with weight and food—you have the obese people on one side and anorexics in the other realm.

Young women with anorexia nervosa have absorbed this obsession to extremes and claim that their severe slenderness is a form of discipline. That it is an excellent capability to conquer food temptations where other people did not succeed massively. However, the truth about anorexia is this is a reckless try at acquiring some control of a state that appears devastating to young women.

Education is Key

The reality that the psychiatric condition affects young women at a higher rate compared to more mature women displays that proper education about the illness might be the answer to stopping its reach. A person with a mature mind has a better handle on managing this confusion about eating and weight. However, immature minds without the right education about such aspects might be challenged on how to manage the anxieties caused by food and weight.

Young women have little comprehension of how their behaviors are having an impact on their bodies. During that age, they still feel like the body is still invincible. It is at times a challenge for young women to understand that their bodies need proper care and tending as well to stay fit and strong. As soon as an anorexic girl loses lots of weight and experiences the side effects, it overwhelms these girls and at times, even helps in terms of recovery.

To fight back eating disorders, a proper education when it comes to food choices and right limits might be more beneficial. It is time to teach young women healthier tips on staying fit rather than censoring the subject. By giving good education and information about the condition and women’s relationship with food, young women of today might have a more realistic and healthier approach and bond with one of life’s basic necessities.    


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