Being a Single Parent in America

These days, the traditional American family is believed to be getting weaker and not much of a standard to follow. Values from the past like marriage and traditional male and female roles have changed. This has led to a modernized family structure.

Some individuals have taken this change in stride. However, there are still some who think non-traditional families are often dysfunctional. There are also people who blame such changes to current ills in society and culture. Hence there are still individuals who trust the standard two-parent family structure.

Single Parenthood in the States

Single mothers have been blackballed and stereotyped for ages. They were believed to be irresponsible and often accused of abusing government funds. As mentioned earlier, they were blamed for causing much of society’s problems. However, in reality, lots of these societal issues stem from society itself neglecting to completely accept and give equal opportunities to individuals who differ from the standard.

Research has shown that children who grow up in financially-unstable families with incomes that are less than $15,000 have more potential to undergo parental negligence and at times, physical abuse. But the government’s continued effort to enhance the economic standing of the poor in the country have not been efficient in tackling parental negligence due to the fact that poverty alone does not determine negligence. Child negligence prevention needs positive relationships from a community that permits single parents to gain from other people’s support.

In establishing American society’s role in sustaining children’s welfare, it is crucial to know the support that will alleviate single-mother families to overcome poverty. Bigger society is accountable for sustaining children and families’ well-being by means of new social and political ideas, and by widening the range of social contract between the mother and society.

Developers of social policy are admitting bit by bit that the structure of families is changing significantly and are regular phases of life for lots of individuals. It is now vital that societies make use of available sources to help single mothers in discovering gainful employment that leads to a good living wage. They are responsible for inspiring single moms to sustain positive bonds with extended family members and become an active component of a community. Societies are needed to allow single mothers and encourage them to care not only for their families but also for themselves.

Lots of organizations and foundations out there are willing to assist single mothers financially. In these trying economic times when you have bills to pay and kids to feed, it is no longer a problem with pride, but of surviving everyday living. There are some sources out there for low-income and single-mother family units. They can begin with local resources like the financial aid office, the city hall and the human services office.

In the United States, its citizens are fortunate enough to have these resources that provide information and help to families who require assistance. Single parents only need to be positive and with some help from the community, will be able to triumph over poverty, support their family and have better self-esteem.    



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