Youth, Communication and the American Society

These are trying times for America’s youth. While youth-related issues are not exactly new, these days, the country’s problems with the young are increasing. Many teens are dropping out of school and instead get involved with gang violence and trafficking drugs. These teens are seen as disobedient, rebellious and rude to authority.

They are viewed to be amoral and full of anxieties, and most are uninterested in community ideals and social issues. The youth of today are not into rules, the norms, and traditional values. Due to these problems, many would come to an agreement that teenagers today fail to participate effectively regarding communication or social interaction.

The general concept is that the youth’s views, consciousness are different from mainstream society. A community’s institutions have this belief that the social climate is at ease and there is nothing wrong with it. For them, the problem lies with the young—they remain atypical to social units. Whether you perceive this as true or false, there is no denying that there is indeed a malfunction in terms of communication.

This important procedure is reduced significantly in the status quo. The rest of society does not share much and in some instances, do not have anything in common with teens in which authentic social interaction might happen.

Importance of Social Interaction in Society

Social interaction is an integral component of society since it is the actualization of the individual’s social nature. Social interaction simply involves action and reaction. The person engaged in social interaction undergoes both the conduction of his or her comparative self to the other person hence producing a response in the latter.

The first person articulates himself or herself to the second person and in turn, the second person assimilates what the first person communicated. Simultaneously, the second individual also conveys his or her comparative self to the first individual then the latter will assimilate the first person’s expression.

In America, its youth’s experiences when it comes to social interaction or communication are in the wrong. The country sadly limits the youth from expressing themselves freely by continuing to contradict them and saying what the youth conveys is vulgar and immoral. The country forces upon its young people a detrimental set of standards that, when encroached upon, would lead to reprimands.

Many problems can be singled out due to failed communication or social interaction. Drug use, gang involvement and the wrong sides of pop culture are social elements that separate the country from being completely capable of assimilating and bring about effective communication with the youth.

So, is the country’s young the individuals who are disconnected or against the society? If you examine the status quo’s conditions and factors closely, they are not at fault entirely. Social interaction is quite diverse and complex and these factors prevent the establishment of an inherent cause. However, it is a community’s responsibility due to their experiences and wisdom to understand the young. Instead of continuously accusing the youth and deriding their thoughts and actions, communities should allow them to assimilate in their way.

The young have a tendency to decline values because of the constant practice of forcing these values to them. Their aversion to authority is caused by narrow-mindedness and repression at even the most insignificant of deviances. When the young simply reflect the definite social climate of their period, which is conflicting and challenging, they are estranged from a society and community that labels them as never-do-wells. They do this just to bury the reality that they would rather repress themselves socially and contradict facts surrounding them.



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What Boomers Contributed to American Society

A baby surge in America happened in the mid-40s, following World War II. It peaked in the late 50s and went on until the early 60s due to opportunities after the war. The babies born during that period are referred to by demographers as “Baby Boomers.”

There are in fact two kinds of baby boomers; one refers to babies who were born from 1946-1955, and they are called early boomers. Babies who were born from 1955-1964 were called late boomers. These offspring were visible because they packed grade schools, junior high, high schools and universities.

The Baby Boomer Influence

Research has shown that baby boomers have had a significant impact on the shaping of American society. Boomers do not have the same mindset as their parents. Because boomer population is unparalleled over the course of the 20th century, their principles, opinions, politics, and behaviors are then foretold to get on top of issues.

There is a significant difference when it comes to economic status between late and early boomers as well. Early boomers have had more opportunities compared to late boomers, who have to adjust during economic changes. Factors also include the fast progression of service sectors, shifting worker locations, adjustments in the career market, and less stability for middle-class professions.

The majority have often believed economic security as an element that is hard to pin down. They are individuals who were born following the dawning of civil rights. Research that was conducted shows there were also income differences regarding race, ethnicity, and birthplace, therefore leading to the creation of the ethnic class. This was because 1/3 of the population is composed of African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians. For example, the African-American boomer generation is believed to be inferior compared to white Americans even though the generation was regarded most excellent when it comes to education.

Life back then was supplemented by changes following the war, thereby transforming the American society. Concepts and opinions about gender, sexuality, and family were changed significantly. Parenthood has changed as well, retirement and aging were defined differently, and labor groups were changed. Even at an older age, boomers take hold of opportunities to remain involved and active and meet responsibilities to support their children’s needs.

Society’s changes were never really brought on by leaders of the new thought. These individuals who were part of the counterculture movement or the hippie subculture expressed themselves by means of street protests. There are conservative boomers though who expressed their ideas through forums, distributing leaflets and student newspapers. Most of the media focused on the student hippie activists while conservatives made their ideas known quietly.

A thorough understanding of the baby boomer generation is crucial as they grow older. They are more than just the beginning of a counter-cultural movement, the latter boomers have made progressions regarding economic advancements in the 70s and the 80s. This generation did well when it comes to forming the society they were in—gave important influence on the lives of future generations besides their own.



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The Effects of Television on American Society

One of the most influential aspects that shaped American society and culture is television. This communication and entertainment medium’s impact is significant, and it has revolutionized the way Americans think and live. Millions of the country’s citizens tune in to their favorite shows every day, and TV companies have raked in billions because of this industry.

The Pros

Television shows have transformed American society’s perception of itself. Values and social structures are in a constant change, so do factors like Americans’ lifestyles, professions, manner of talking and points on views on marriage, parenthood, relationships and more. Back then, television shows are typically composed of family-oriented subjects concentrating on parental matters and loving and tending children. These shows display the olden family structure in which mothers often stayed at home to tend the kids while the father goes off to work every day.

Even to this day, television sets are always bestsellers, and production houses are still profiting billions on various television shows. TV actors and actresses are gaining fame and popularity. Americans remain in their seats to keep track of their favorite shows for hours. Sitcoms are made to make people laugh while teen dramas hook teenagers all over the nation to watch what happens next. Suspense and horror shows captivate its audiences with plotlines that keep them guessing. Reality TV shows meanwhile thrill viewers and keep them engrossed into the lives of the adventurous and the famous.

Today’s popular TV shows have high ratings, and its viewership and profits keep on increasing. Brands and big companies take advantage of these shows’ popularity by doling out gainful sponsorships, hence leading to endless ads for the brands in between shows. However, even with all those numerous commercials between breaks, people remain focused on their favorite shows to keep track of the stories. This is the power of television; people are tuned in every day and night to enjoy a good range of plotlines and happenings. It relieves them of the stress they experience every day and allows them to have a laugh or two, cry or sympathize and celebrate with the characters.

The Cons

Shows’ influences reach far; motivational shows and programs encourage people to lead better, more meaningful lives. There are also educational shows for children and teenagers. Television shows help people to unwind and de-stress. However, there are also TV shows that glamourize crime, drug use, violence and sexually explicit content. These factors have a negative impact on individuals particularly kids. TV commercials also promote rampant consumerism and encourage individuals to purchase excessive clothing, gadgets, junk food, alcohol and other items they do not need.

However, despite all the negative factors, television still provides the best accessible entertainment for most citizens of the country. It produces jobs for thousands of people every year, and it keeps people in tune with the goings-on in the country. These days, life is not complete without the presence of the medium. From excellent shows down to extravagant commercials, Americans take in the pleasure of watching their beloved sitcoms, talk shows, and news shows, and demand more from them.


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Divorce and Its Impact on Americans

The American family has changed a lot over the years. It can be a challenge to raise a family these days due to the shifts in the economy. Also, conservatives and liberals differ regarding their views on the contemporary American family. One of the hottest topics involving families is divorce and its effects on American families today.

Reasons for the Increase of Divorce Rate in the US

Ever since divorce was legalized in the country, in as early as the 1810s, it has been reported that 1 out of 100 marriages often end up in divorce. Divorces increased through the years and between the 60s and the 80s, the divorce rate has magnified up to 250%. While it did reduce a bit in the mid-80s, it is obvious that in this period, divorce rates are higher than ever. Today, nearly 50% of marriages made end up in divorce.

There are five reasons why couples feel the need to divorce. One reason is that in today’s society, individual happiness is deemed essential to every person so whenever people are unhappy in a marriage, the couple breaks up and applies for divorce. The second reason is that getting divorced financially is more straightforward to do. The third is that in these times, women have grown economically independent. The fourth reason is divorce is not as stigmatized as before while the fifth is due to the fact that divorce laws have changed. The No-Fault laws are quickly responsible for the increase in divorce.

Effects of Divorce on American Families

Divorce not only puts an impact on the husband and the wife but if the couple sired children, the event would also have a lasting impact on their offspring. More than a million children witness their parents’ divorces every year. One effect of this event is the loss of a parent. Kids experience the loss of resources and capabilities of one of their parents. Economic loss and stress are also effects that can put a damper on children. Children are required to turn more social and produce an emotional fine-tuning to overcome the situation. In the long run, the divorce can also impact the way the offspring view relationships—if they do get married, the possibility of them acquiring a divorce is higher.

Lots of specialists think that societies who want to become successful should raise children sensibly, conscientiously and responsibly. In majority of societies that function well, a family that is still intact helps kids foster excellent moral character. Children who are products of a divorce lack guidance, so they are more expected to behave irresponsibly. There had been findings in which such children are more expected to get into crimes, drop out from school, have vices, abuse drugs, and alcohol, engage in violent behavior and run away from home.

The impact of a divorce on American families is significant. Parents have to be thorough when it comes to making their children understand why the mother and the father need to separate. They have to assure them that the children are not the reason for the divorce, as most children think this is the reason. With love, affection and caring, the children will eventually understand why it happened. Parents need to become even stronger role models for their children after the divorce and prevent the negative effects of such an event from harming their kids permanently.



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Self-Defense: The Answer to Women’s Safety

These days, crimes are rampant, and crimes committed against women have risen to an unfortunate rate. Women are becoming victims of assault not only in urban areas but in suburban and rural locations as well. Because of this predicament, women’s self-defense has turned into an interest for not only women’s advocacy groups but law enforcement as well.

Women need to become more aware of how to defend themselves against unwanted elements. They should know how to safeguard themselves from a range of situations that can lead to harm and at worse, even loss of life.

If a woman does not defend herself, her body, her possessions, and even her life will be put at risk. Statistics reveal that if a man is walking down the street all by himself and a women does the same; the latter has an 80 percent possibility of being assaulted, robbed and even raped compared to the man. Why does this happen then?

Why Self-Defense is Needed

Women have often been tagged as the fair sex, the weaker sex. Majority of individuals who assault women are men, and for these criminals, they view women as easy, fast targets. Why go for a guy who is more than ready to defend himself? Women are the better pick for these criminals because majority of women would give way to her attacker’s demands due to being smaller and lesser in terms of strength.

Self-defense for women is more crucial these days because ladies in this current society have been reduced to merely street level. Majority of rock and rap videos today represent women in a manner that they can be easily controlled by men. They are just sexual objects made for pleasure and nothing else. Because of this prevalent attitude among the young in the country, self-defense for women is essential to demonstrate that women can take care and protect themselves. It will show them that they are not mere pawns for a man’s need for sexual aggression and cruelty.

Clubs and discos are the frequent haunts of these ill-mannered men who are on the lookout of women whom they can dupe without reservations. Women who have taken up self-defense classes can prevent such attacks from happening.

Society today is also risky for women. Women can be attacked anywhere whether she is just walking across a vacant parking lot near the bank or outside her apartment, they are at risk of being assaulted or robbed. Women have to take up self-defense classes to provide them the confidence and strength they need so they can protect themselves. They will not have to rely on anybody else for help; they can act independently upon themselves through self-defense knowledge and practices.

Back then, it is enough that fathers, brothers, boyfriends, and husbands can protect their women from criminals. These days, women do not have that luxury due to changes in lifestyles and society. The best advice for such unwanted circumstances is learning self-defense. This discipline will allow women to safeguard not only their possessions but their life and other people’s lives as well.

A good example was a client needed self defence in Fort Lauderdale. She was able to get herself out of a sticky situation knowing some self defence. She then call for fence installation Fort Lauderdale to protect her home from other people.



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American Society and Culture Today

Americans today are more interested in social issues. This is, in fact, a good thing. Many citizens are more vocal about it, and they have advocacies hey are passionate about. American society has changed, and these changes were brought on by several factors. Here are some of the issues today and solutions that will have a positive effect on current American society.


Popularly known as the boob tube and the idiot box, television has a wide reach and to this day, remains to be the country’s favorite medium of entertainment. In the morning, late at night, citizens of the country gather in front of their TV sets to watch their favorite shows. Because of the prevalence of advanced technology, Americans also get to enjoy TV shows online by way of smart technologies.


Alcoholism is a prevailing problem among the citizens of the nation. Whether young or old, man, woman or gay, alcoholism can have a serious, damaging effect on your loved ones. You can read about more information about the disease on one of the articles.

Single Parenthood

Back then, single parents were considered to be a burden in society. However, opinions do change, and these days single parents are taken in by society at this time. Single parents do have rights to overcome their situation and with some help and understanding, become productive members of the society.

Accelerated Aging

Why age fast when you can slow it down? America is a country that unfortunately promotes accelerated aging. There is an unneeded appeal to promote unhealthy eating habits, drinking excessive alcohol, smoking, and other societal ills. You can avoid such pitfalls by taking proper steps to overcome premature aging.


These days, men and women are plagued with that FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling. Is the need to be hip with the trends really a necessity? Will this desire for new stuff bring us happiness in the long run? Are advertisements and commercials making us unhappy? Consumerism might be a bit tough to solve on this age of too much stuff, but it can happen.


Divorce can solve an unhappy marriage but what about its overall effects on the American family? Are children really at risk? Can children become happy after a divorce? Chances are they can overcome such feelings.

Anorexia Nervosa

Women have a complicated relationship with food. Currently, we are bombarded with images of women with delicious bodies and the ready abundance of delicious food. This often leads to confusing perceptions about weight, eating and young women’s perceptions about their bodies. The talk of anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders should not be made a taboo but should be discussed and replaced with more positive and healthier discussions on food, loving yourself and staying fit.

Women and Self-Defense

Women are often tagged as the weaker sex, and one serious solution to protect body and possessions is through self-defense. Women who are more than ready to tackle such criminal elements have better control of their lives and can even save not only their existence but others as well.


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Consumerism: A Problem in American Society

The advertising world’s reach in society has become wider than ever. Because of its massive influence, lots of individuals today have this rampant need to own the latest in gadgets, clothing, appliances, services and vice versa. There are in fact experts who say that this particular need originates from a person’s insecurities and uncertainties while some say that companies make use of advertising to take advantage of consumers in as early as grade school by means of trends, commercials and magazine ads.

Effects of Consumerism

Look back and see what society was like decades before advertising became the norm. Individuals back then never really felt like they need to go shopping and purchase the newest cars and gadgets. The needs of the people back then are based on essentials, meaning food, shelter, clothing, and standard transportation methods. Because of advertising and consumerism,

Back in the day, there is only one family member, the father, who is needed to work just to support his loved ones. However, in these times, the majority of family members need to become wage earners themselves. Because of advertising and consumerism, many people are getting in more debts than they ever need to. This desire to buy was amplified, and today, people often have this large desire to buy more stuff just to keep up with the times.

We have to ask ourselves this question: do we need all of the stuff we buy? Why are people working themselves too much just to acquire items they do not use most of the time? Why do they spend lots of money on trends they do not care for? Individuals these days have to ask themselves first before pulling out their credit cards: is this craving for the latest smartphone produced by companies’ constant promotions and advertising?

Ads and commercials exploit individuals’ perception of themselves by generating this notion that they are not as good as other people unless they have this or that item. For example, if you do not have the current pair of basketball shoes that a certain hot brand has come up with, then you are not as hip or cool as the person who has it. This is the reason trends change on a seasonal basis, and brand new models of everything are launched. We are always swamped with an infinite cycle of cars, gadgets, clothing, shoes and other items that you will not use or wear.

Take a Step Back

In this age of widespread consumerism, you might think that letting go of that feeling that you need the latest stuff is really difficult. You can still save yourself from the stress and financial waste by separating essential needs and excessive desires.

You can let go of this bit by bit. Through a slow and steady approach, you can learn to become more conscious of your compulsions and deduction behind the desire to purchase new stuff. More often than not, we are not inclined to purchase something. Through time, if we move away from these unnecessary needs, we can streamline our lives by purchasing less, avoiding unwanted debts and receiving less. More importantly, we can accept the things that we do have and become happier and contented with them compared to dwelling on items that we do not possess, or experiences we have not undergone.

Once we detach ourselves from a consumerist society, you will begin to comprehend what is essential. Life becomes simpler to handle, and you will gain more depth. People will be happier in their current situations and have a better sense of identity. They will become more selfless and caring. Only a few of us are given a huge fortune, but we as individuals must always feel lucky for what we currently possess. Remember, real happiness comes not from material items, but from the self.    


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Being a Single Parent in America

These days, the traditional American family is believed to be getting weaker and not much of a standard to follow. Values from the past like marriage and traditional male and female roles have changed. This has led to a modernized family structure.

Some individuals have taken this change in stride. However, there are still some who think non-traditional families are often dysfunctional. There are also people who blame such changes to current ills in society and culture. Hence there are still individuals who trust the standard two-parent family structure.

Single Parenthood in the States

Single mothers have been blackballed and stereotyped for ages. They were believed to be irresponsible and often accused of abusing government funds. As mentioned earlier, they were blamed for causing much of society’s problems. However, in reality, lots of these societal issues stem from society itself neglecting to completely accept and give equal opportunities to individuals who differ from the standard.

Research has shown that children who grow up in financially-unstable families with incomes that are less than $15,000 have more potential to undergo parental negligence and at times, physical abuse. But the government’s continued effort to enhance the economic standing of the poor in the country have not been efficient in tackling parental negligence due to the fact that poverty alone does not determine negligence. Child negligence prevention needs positive relationships from a community that permits single parents to gain from other people’s support.

In establishing American society’s role in sustaining children’s welfare, it is crucial to know the support that will alleviate single-mother families to overcome poverty. Bigger society is accountable for sustaining children and families’ well-being by means of new social and political ideas, and by widening the range of social contract between the mother and society.

Developers of social policy are admitting bit by bit that the structure of families is changing significantly and are regular phases of life for lots of individuals. It is now vital that societies make use of available sources to help single mothers in discovering gainful employment that leads to a good living wage. They are responsible for inspiring single moms to sustain positive bonds with extended family members and become an active component of a community. Societies are needed to allow single mothers and encourage them to care not only for their families but also for themselves.

Lots of organizations and foundations out there are willing to assist single mothers financially. In these trying economic times when you have bills to pay and kids to feed, it is no longer a problem with pride, but of surviving everyday living. There are some sources out there for low-income and single-mother family units. They can begin with local resources like the financial aid office, the city hall and the human services office.

In the United States, its citizens are fortunate enough to have these resources that provide information and help to families who require assistance. Single parents only need to be positive and with some help from the community, will be able to triumph over poverty, support their family and have better self-esteem.    



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Anorexia and Young Women in American Society

These days, anorexia is a hot topic among teens and young women in the US. Anorexia nervosa is a constant problem among teenage girls and college-age women. This is a psychiatric condition which happens to a good number of young women, and there are discussions as to what aspects trigger this condition to progress massively in American society.

The Beauty Ideal

One of the culprits often blamed in the spread of the disease is the media. Young girls are overwhelmed with images of thin models in magazine spreads, commercials, ads, movies and TV shows. These girls want to look like these women, and so they take dangerous steps to look like them.

Even though the media is partly to blame for this predicament, we do need to tackle the fact that the food contradictions in these times are not like before. Nowadays, the US is a country that praises thinness, being fit and toned. In this country, food is more abundant than ever. This contradiction more often than not leads to problems. Food is not only widely accessible, but they are also tempting, rich in calories and often low in terms of nutrients.

Beauty standards are higher at this time, yet the country is swamped with these rich foods. This, in turn, brings about struggles and a republic that is preoccupied and fanatical with weight and food—you have the obese people on one side and anorexics in the other realm.

Young women with anorexia nervosa have absorbed this obsession to extremes and claim that their severe slenderness is a form of discipline. That it is an excellent capability to conquer food temptations where other people did not succeed massively. However, the truth about anorexia is this is a reckless try at acquiring some control of a state that appears devastating to young women.

Education is Key

The reality that the psychiatric condition affects young women at a higher rate compared to more mature women displays that proper education about the illness might be the answer to stopping its reach. A person with a mature mind has a better handle on managing this confusion about eating and weight. However, immature minds without the right education about such aspects might be challenged on how to manage the anxieties caused by food and weight.

Young women have little comprehension of how their behaviors are having an impact on their bodies. During that age, they still feel like the body is still invincible. It is at times a challenge for young women to understand that their bodies need proper care and tending as well to stay fit and strong. As soon as an anorexic girl loses lots of weight and experiences the side effects, it overwhelms these girls and at times, even helps in terms of recovery.

To fight back eating disorders, a proper education when it comes to food choices and right limits might be more beneficial. It is time to teach young women healthier tips on staying fit rather than censoring the subject. By giving good education and information about the condition and women’s relationship with food, young women of today might have a more realistic and healthier approach and bond with one of life’s basic necessities.    


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Alcoholism and Its Hold on American Society and Culture

One of the most devious public health threats that harm American society for decades is alcoholism. This is due to the fact that sadly, alcohol is ingrained in nearly every aspect of an American’s life. It is there in the culture of the country—we use the beverage to celebrate special events and holidays. We drink to entertain ourselves; we drink to have fun and unwind. We drink to relieve stress and loneliness.

Hence it’s not a shock that the United States has serious issues with alcohol-related violence, drunk driving, health issues, work incidents and vice versa. Whether we like it or not, alcohol is a part of Americana and so are the issues that come along with the beverage.

Alcohol-Related Problems

Of the problems that come with alcohol, the most serious threat would have to be drunk driving. Drunk driving in the country is widespread; it is not only ordinary citizens who are involved with it. There are lots of celebrities who are often arrested due to drunk driving. It is not inclusive of people old enough to drink as well—teens and young adults get into accidents because of drunk driving.

Over 10,000 individuals die from vehicular accidents involving alcohol. This predicament carries on despite the huge effort made by public health officials and law enforcement to prevent drunk driving by means of stricter laws and education. Drunk driving is also possibly bigger than current information could support these days due to the fact that lots of individuals who have been arrested for this behavior confessed that they had undergone such behaviors a good number of times before being convicted.

Another problem that is related to alcohol use is domestic violence. In spite of the fact that lots of experts deem that alcohol use does not indirectly make individuals to turn hostile and take part in domestic violence, there are still reports made and individuals convicted due to such behaviors.

Even though alcohol can be a causal factor, it is challenging to establish if alcohol is the exact reason for a person’s violent behavior since the majority of alcoholics are inebriated for most of their waking hours. This makes the distinction of actions just about unfeasible. Majority of domestic violence victims though admit that alcohol is a determining factor in assaults done against them.

Alcoholism is one of the deadliest and most destructive diseases in the US today. More than 17 million adults in the country suffer from this particular disease. Among these people suffering from alcoholism, drunk driving and other accidents typically happen. However, even more usual are illnesses related to alcohol dependency. These conditions include diabetes, kidney diseases, cirrhosis, arterial sclerosis, gout and pulmonary conditions. These diseases can still be cured however with lengthy, serious alcoholism; this can lead to permanent health issues.

Alcoholism is also the cause of much criminal activities from sports-related aggression, vandalism, brawls and sexual assault. There are plenty of police reports and records wherein alcohol was supposed to be the main factor in why such incidents happened.

If you have a family member or a friend who is suffering from alcoholism, you should get help SAP. You should allow an affected loved to undergo a therapy session or an intervention. Whatever method you settle on, the lives of people you want saved could prevent them from getting in too deep in their troubled condition.    


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