Divorce and Its Impact on Americans

The American family has changed a lot over the years. It can be a challenge to raise a family these days due to the shifts in the economy. Also, conservatives and liberals differ regarding their views on the contemporary American family. One of the hottest topics involving families is divorce and its effects on American families today.

Reasons for the Increase of Divorce Rate in the US

Ever since divorce was legalized in the country, in as early as the 1810s, it has been reported that 1 out of 100 marriages often end up in divorce. Divorces increased through the years and between the 60s and the 80s, the divorce rate has magnified up to 250%. While it did reduce a bit in the mid-80s, it is obvious that in this period, divorce rates are higher than ever. Today, nearly 50% of marriages made end up in divorce.

There are five reasons why couples feel the need to divorce. One reason is that in today’s society, individual happiness is deemed essential to every person so whenever people are unhappy in a marriage, the couple breaks up and applies for divorce. The second reason is that getting divorced financially is more straightforward to do. The third is that in these times, women have grown economically independent. The fourth reason is divorce is not as stigmatized as before while the fifth is due to the fact that divorce laws have changed. The No-Fault laws are quickly responsible for the increase in divorce.

Effects of Divorce on American Families

Divorce not only puts an impact on the husband and the wife but if the couple sired children, the event would also have a lasting impact on their offspring. More than a million children witness their parents’ divorces every year. One effect of this event is the loss of a parent. Kids experience the loss of resources and capabilities of one of their parents. Economic loss and stress are also effects that can put a damper on children. Children are required to turn more social and produce an emotional fine-tuning to overcome the situation. In the long run, the divorce can also impact the way the offspring view relationships—if they do get married, the possibility of them acquiring a divorce is higher.

Lots of specialists think that societies who want to become successful should raise children sensibly, conscientiously and responsibly. In majority of societies that function well, a family that is still intact helps kids foster excellent moral character. Children who are products of a divorce lack guidance, so they are more expected to behave irresponsibly. There had been findings in which such children are more expected to get into crimes, drop out from school, have vices, abuse drugs, and alcohol, engage in violent behavior and run away from home.

The impact of a divorce on American families is significant. Parents have to be thorough when it comes to making their children understand why the mother and the father need to separate. They have to assure them that the children are not the reason for the divorce, as most children think this is the reason. With love, affection and caring, the children will eventually understand why it happened. Parents need to become even stronger role models for their children after the divorce and prevent the negative effects of such an event from harming their kids permanently.



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