Accelerated Aging and Its Effects on Americans

Accelerated aging not only refers to the standard aging of the body. It also refers to the means in which an individual lives his or her life, their attitudes towards their health and their points of view in life. While you cannot go back to a certain age, slowing the aging process can help you gain a more positive outlook on life.

The Country and Its Promotion of Excess

America is a country who has a culture that endorses accelerated aging, unfortunately. The effects of excess, which is a factor that contributes widely to accelerated aging, are obvious on its citizens. There is a wide number of obese individuals in the country—an occurrence that is rampant in this part of the world. While you can see obese peoples in another developed country, it is only in the States where obesity is an epidemic.

Statistics say that more than 15% of the country’s entire population is overweight. There is a possibility that 80% of overweight teens grow up to be adults inflicted with obesity. Since the 70s, the rates for childhood obesity have since grown triple its size.

Obesity is the main contributing aspect of accelerated aging, and this condition puts additional stress on the organs of the individual. This stress makes them prone to various health conditions and diseases. A typical American diet consists of foods that are high in fat and protein. The US is also known for being a cheese-loving country and endorses the consumption of excess saturated fat. As we all know, saturated fat leads to heart conditions and diseases.

The youth culture in this country also endorses smoking, which is considered cool. It is widely known that cigarettes come with additives that are considered dangerous to your health. It leads to accelerated aging as well—nicotine assaults the body’s DNA and cell membranes that lead to premature death of the cells. It causes irreversible damage to the skin structure; if you want to succumb to accelerate aging, it is best that you quit smoking.

Drinking alcohol is another part of American culture. We drink to celebrate holidays and important events in our life. We drink when we are happy, stressed out, lonely or mad. Alcohol is another contributing factor in accelerated aging. Excess alcohol leads to damage to the body’s organs most particularly the liver. The buildup of free radicals and toxins in the body caused by alcohol have a say in a range of health risks that ages people ahead of time.

Americans are also fond of tanning, which is demonstrated by the existence of tanning products and services. There are lots of tanning salons in the country. The golden tan that Hollywood endorses can lead to accelerated aging—permanent skin damage, wrinkled skin, age spots and at worst, skin cancer. Free radicals due to excessive sun exposure have a severe impact on all skin layers, and this can lead to premature wrinkling and sagging of the skin.

Rampant consumerism has also put Americans under plenty of stress. By keeping up with the Joneses and the FOMO (fear of missing out) mentality, Americans are working double and even triple time just to provide themselves with the latest gadgets, services or other material things they do not need. Because of the chronic stress of putting up with the current fads, they experience accelerated aging.

Existing in a society without being influenced by those excesses can be a challenge. However, overcoming those unnecessary factors can be a reality. If you want to look younger for a good amount of time, you need to do the things that will be best for your well being and health.   


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