Self-Defense: The Answer to Women’s Safety

These days, crimes are rampant, and crimes committed against women have risen to an unfortunate rate. Women are becoming victims of assault not only in urban areas but in suburban and rural locations as well. Because of this predicament, women’s self-defense has turned into an interest for not only women’s advocacy groups but law enforcement as well.

Women need to become more aware of how to defend themselves against unwanted elements. They should know how to safeguard themselves from a range of situations that can lead to harm and at worse, even loss of life.

If a woman does not defend herself, her body, her possessions, and even her life will be put at risk. Statistics reveal that if a man is walking down the street all by himself and a women does the same; the latter has an 80 percent possibility of being assaulted, robbed and even raped compared to the man. Why does this happen then?

Why Self-Defense is Needed

Women have often been tagged as the fair sex, the weaker sex. Majority of individuals who assault women are men, and for these criminals, they view women as easy, fast targets. Why go for a guy who is more than ready to defend himself? Women are the better pick for these criminals because majority of women would give way to her attacker’s demands due to being smaller and lesser in terms of strength.

Self-defense for women is more crucial these days because ladies in this current society have been reduced to merely street level. Majority of rock and rap videos today represent women in a manner that they can be easily controlled by men. They are just sexual objects made for pleasure and nothing else. Because of this prevalent attitude among the young in the country, self-defense for women is essential to demonstrate that women can take care and protect themselves. It will show them that they are not mere pawns for a man’s need for sexual aggression and cruelty.

Clubs and discos are the frequent haunts of these ill-mannered men who are on the lookout of women whom they can dupe without reservations. Women who have taken up self-defense classes can prevent such attacks from happening.

Society today is also risky for women. Women can be attacked anywhere whether she is just walking across a vacant parking lot near the bank or outside her apartment, they are at risk of being assaulted or robbed. Women have to take up self-defense classes to provide them the confidence and strength they need so they can protect themselves. They will not have to rely on anybody else for help; they can act independently upon themselves through self-defense knowledge and practices.

Back then, it is enough that fathers, brothers, boyfriends, and husbands can protect their women from criminals. These days, women do not have that luxury due to changes in lifestyles and society. The best advice for such unwanted circumstances is learning self-defense. This discipline will allow women to safeguard not only their possessions but their life and other people’s lives as well.

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