The Effects of Television on American Society

One of the most influential aspects that shaped American society and culture is television. This communication and entertainment medium’s impact is significant, and it has revolutionized the way Americans think and live. Millions of the country’s citizens tune in to their favorite shows every day, and TV companies have raked in billions because of this industry.

The Pros

Television shows have transformed American society’s perception of itself. Values and social structures are in a constant change, so do factors like Americans’ lifestyles, professions, manner of talking and points on views on marriage, parenthood, relationships and more. Back then, television shows are typically composed of family-oriented subjects concentrating on parental matters and loving and tending children. These shows display the olden family structure in which mothers often stayed at home to tend the kids while the father goes off to work every day.

Even to this day, television sets are always bestsellers, and production houses are still profiting billions on various television shows. TV actors and actresses are gaining fame and popularity. Americans remain in their seats to keep track of their favorite shows for hours. Sitcoms are made to make people laugh while teen dramas hook teenagers all over the nation to watch what happens next. Suspense and horror shows captivate its audiences with plotlines that keep them guessing. Reality TV shows meanwhile thrill viewers and keep them engrossed into the lives of the adventurous and the famous.

Today’s popular TV shows have high ratings, and its viewership and profits keep on increasing. Brands and big companies take advantage of these shows’ popularity by doling out gainful sponsorships, hence leading to endless ads for the brands in between shows. However, even with all those numerous commercials between breaks, people remain focused on their favorite shows to keep track of the stories. This is the power of television; people are tuned in every day and night to enjoy a good range of plotlines and happenings. It relieves them of the stress they experience every day and allows them to have a laugh or two, cry or sympathize and celebrate with the characters.

The Cons

Shows’ influences reach far; motivational shows and programs encourage people to lead better, more meaningful lives. There are also educational shows for children and teenagers. Television shows help people to unwind and de-stress. However, there are also TV shows that glamourize crime, drug use, violence and sexually explicit content. These factors have a negative impact on individuals particularly kids. TV commercials also promote rampant consumerism and encourage individuals to purchase excessive clothing, gadgets, junk food, alcohol and other items they do not need.

However, despite all the negative factors, television still provides the best accessible entertainment for most citizens of the country. It produces jobs for thousands of people every year, and it keeps people in tune with the goings-on in the country. These days, life is not complete without the presence of the medium. From excellent shows down to extravagant commercials, Americans take in the pleasure of watching their beloved sitcoms, talk shows, and news shows, and demand more from them.


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