What Boomers Contributed to American Society

A baby surge in America happened in the mid-40s, following World War II. It peaked in the late 50s and went on until the early 60s due to opportunities after the war. The babies born during that period are referred to by demographers as “Baby Boomers.”

There are in fact two kinds of baby boomers; one refers to babies who were born from 1946-1955, and they are called early boomers. Babies who were born from 1955-1964 were called late boomers. These offspring were visible because they packed grade schools, junior high, high schools and universities.

The Baby Boomer Influence

Research has shown that baby boomers have had a significant impact on the shaping of American society. Boomers do not have the same mindset as their parents. Because boomer population is unparalleled over the course of the 20th century, their principles, opinions, politics, and behaviors are then foretold to get on top of issues.

There is a significant difference when it comes to economic status between late and early boomers as well. Early boomers have had more opportunities compared to late boomers, who have to adjust during economic changes. Factors also include the fast progression of service sectors, shifting worker locations, adjustments in the career market, and less stability for middle-class professions.

The majority have often believed economic security as an element that is hard to pin down. They are individuals who were born following the dawning of civil rights. Research that was conducted shows there were also income differences regarding race, ethnicity, and birthplace, therefore leading to the creation of the ethnic class. This was because 1/3 of the population is composed of African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians. For example, the African-American boomer generation is believed to be inferior compared to white Americans even though the generation was regarded most excellent when it comes to education.

Life back then was supplemented by changes following the war, thereby transforming the American society. Concepts and opinions about gender, sexuality, and family were changed significantly. Parenthood has changed as well, retirement and aging were defined differently, and labor groups were changed. Even at an older age, boomers take hold of opportunities to remain involved and active and meet responsibilities to support their children’s needs.

Society’s changes were never really brought on by leaders of the new thought. These individuals who were part of the counterculture movement or the hippie subculture expressed themselves by means of street protests. There are conservative boomers though who expressed their ideas through forums, distributing leaflets and student newspapers. Most of the media focused on the student hippie activists while conservatives made their ideas known quietly.

A thorough understanding of the baby boomer generation is crucial as they grow older. They are more than just the beginning of a counter-cultural movement, the latter boomers have made progressions regarding economic advancements in the 70s and the 80s. This generation did well when it comes to forming the society they were in—gave important influence on the lives of future generations besides their own.



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